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So long and thanks for all the good times

16 Mar

Well, really didn’t mean for it to take this long to write our final post, but it’s time to say goodbye to Pop!South.

We put on our first show on the 20th July 2013 at The Glad Cafe and it sold out. We put on our second show on the 23rd of July and 14 people paid in. We probably had more shows like the latter in the end but the important lesson learnt was that it didn’t necessarily matter! They were both amazing shows, the bands seemed happy and the crowd did too. We’d made something happen that otherwise wouldn’t have.

35 gigs (if you generously count Weekender days separately) and 98 acts later we’ve called it a day.

The reasons are numerous, but the main one is that there was only two of us for the last shows when there used to be a core of 4 and a bunch of other people helping out in the background. Pop!South was also started for selfish reasons – because we wanted to see certain bands and nobody else was putting them on – and that doesn’t seem to be the case quite so much these days.

So thank you everyone. Thank you to the bands – it has been an absolute pleasure seeing you play.

In chronological order of first appearance (number of appearances in brackets (and too many too tag in one post!)) they are:

Yakuri Cable (x3), Northern Spies, Arts & Leisure, Gordon McIntyre (x2), Woog Riots, The Spook School (x7),Tunabunny, Making Marks, The Felt Tips (x2), The Ballet, Nyla (x2), Where We Lay Our Heads (x2), Frozy, The Middle Ones (x3), Ally Kerr, A New International (x3), Haiku Salut (x3), Bite, The Flatmates, Citizen Bravo (x3), Bodyheat (x5), The Yawns, The Sweet Nothings, Martha (x2), TeenCanteen, The Just Joans (x4), The Bobby McGees, The Strangers Almanac, David Leach, MJ Hibbett & Steve’s Total Hero Team, Adam Ross, Liz Ely, FROTH (x2), Shambles Miller (x2), Dora Maar, The Wendy Darlings, One Happy Island, Duglas T Stewart (x2) w/ Norman Blake & Chloe and w/ Honey & The Herbs, The Very Most, How to Swim (x3), Tuff Love, Hallie and the Annies, Chrissy Barnacle, Kate’s Party, Colour Me Wednesday, No more tiger (x2), Cosines, The Orchids (x2), The Hector Collectors, Insect Heroes, Lost Pets, The Swapsies, EXPENSIVE, Spoonboy, Kid Canaveral, The Colour of Whisky (x2), The Mini Skips, Withered Hand, The Occasional Flickers (x2), The Thyme Machine, Kate Canaveral, model village, Eureka California, Bunnygrunt, T-Shirt Weather, Joyce Delaney (x3),Jutland Songs, Breakfast MUFF (x2), The Tuts, Milky Wimpshake, MJ Hibbett & The Validators, Mammoth Penguins, The School, Chorusgirl, Tigercats, Trust Fund, Bill Botting & The Two Drink Minimums, Two White Cranes (x2), The Catenary Wires, Pete Astor, Blood of the Bull (x2), Wolf Girl (x2), Try The Pie, Life Model (x2), Pale Kids, Happy Accidents, Expert Alterations, Spinelli, The Pooches (x2), Ay Carmela!, Marble Gods, Soda Fountain Rag, BooHooHoo,Ballboy, Pete Green, mi mye, Gavin Osborn, & Deerful.

Thanks to all the venues we’ve used but especially to The Glad Cafe. They really do have something very special there and Joe, Kim and the team couldn’t be more helpful. I’m not sure Pop!South would have started without Glad appearing on the Southside and we certainly wouldn’t have been prolific without them. If you were putting on a gig at Glad then you knew that was just one less thing to worry about.

Thanks to all of you for coming. Thanks to anyone who has ever helped out in any way. Thanks for lending us amps/instruments/drums. Thanks for transporting amps/instruments/drums. As promoters without cars we are hugely indebted to anyone who’s ever given us a lift!

Thank you for saying thank you. When you’ve put on a night that’s been more work than it really needed to be and hardly anyone has bothered to turn up then a punter or someone in a band telling you how much they’re enjoying themselves can make the world of difference. Really.

Please keep going to gigs. Please tell the promoters that you’ve enjoyed it. Please tell the bands you’ve enjoyed them. Please buy their merch – try as we might you can be sure they’re almost certainly not getting paid an awful lot.

Please put on gigs. We need somewhere to go now and we can assure you it’s a lot of fun! Looking around at a sea of happy faces and knowing you’ve played a small part in that is incredibly rewarding.

Put bands up in your flats and see how excited they get about simply being offered tea, toast and a warm place to sleep!

Form a band. Be good to each other. Do it yourself.

With love from Pop!South



Pop!South Weekender 2017 Guide

9 Feb


Pop!South 2017 Weekender

9 Jan

For the fourth, and sadly final, time we’re back to bring you a host of amazing bands to brighten up those dreary winter months. Between the 10th and 12th of February you can expect to see some of the best and most exciting pop bands from Glasgow and beyond at The Glad Cafe. This will be our final event so we plan to go out on a high! (And more dancing on Saturday night)

Bands announced so far are The Spook School, ballboy, The Orchids, A New International, BooHooHoo, The Pooches, Wolf Girl, Deerful, mi myeGavin Osborn, Bodyheat, Blood of the Bull, Nyla, Life Model, Pete Green,Soda Fountain Rag Joyce Delaney & Marble Gods.
Day splits can be seen further below.

After fundraising for Sarcoma UK last year we are very happy to be raising money for Glasgow based anti-poverty community group WestGAP this time. WestGAP provide a free, independent and confidential advice service covering welfare rights as well as support with housing problems, fuel poverty, homelessness and much more.

£2 from every weekend ticket and £1 from every day ticket will go to this cause with weekend tickets now available for £22, Friday for £8, Saturday for £13 and Sunday for £9.

Playing are…

The Orchids were one of the original acts on the legendary Sarah Records label and have now been releasing perfect pop songs for 30 years. One of the greatest bands to come out of Glasgow, we’re very lucky to welcome them back one more time.

The Pooches distil all the finest parts of Scottish indiepop and American powerpop into short, brilliant songs. A breath of melodic air on the Glasgow live scene.

Bodyheat make jangly pop songs and are damn good at it! Songs to get stuck in your head.

Blood of the Bull provide bright and breezy retro-tinged garage pop with the beautifully haunting vocals of Hillary Van Scoy.

The Spook School – Well we couldn’t really do our final show without them, could we? Catchy & meaningful queer pop punk. Somehow not the biggest band in the world yet.

ballboy – We’ve twice in the past been fortunate to have Gordon McIntyre play solo shows for us but this will be the first time we’ve been able to bring you the increasingly rare ballboy live experience. John Peel favourites and one of the great Scottish bands of the past few decades, we’re very excited to see what they have in store for us.

Wolf Girl are a fuzzy DIY garage band from London whose album ‘We Tried’ was released earlier this year on the brillant Odd Box records and who very much deserve to be seen live.

BooHooHoo have just been announced as one of Vic Galloway’s 25 Scottish Artists to watch in 2017 and it’s no surprise to see why. Full-blown unapologetic electropop with synths aplenty and killer hooks.Comparisons with everyone from Hot Chip to New Order and Chvrches to Bis have been made.

Life Model played an incredible set for us in May and followed it shortly after with a support slot for Belle & Sebastian. Dreamy and ethereal sounds, beautiful vocals and the tunes to make it all meld together perfectly.

Joyce Delaney have already become something of a force in Glasgow’s DIY scene. Noisy, poppy bubblegum punk who blew the roof off last year’s Weekender.

Soda Fountain Rag – Hailing from Bergen, Norway, which they claim to be the rainiest city in the world (they’ll fit in nicely in Glasgow), Soda Fountain Rag are an indiepop blast of naive, sharp and bitterweet lyrics. No strangers to travelling large distances for the chance of a gig, they charmed the crowd and won new fans at last year’s indietracks festival and are sure to do the same in Glasgow.

Marble Gods are a young Glasgow band who play noisy, guitar-drenched indiepop with gloriously melodic vocals.


A New International are lush, romantic and one of the most exciting live bands in Scotland. Deservedly starting to play radio sessions and big shows all over Scotland they’ll make you dance and they’ll break your heart.

Deerful is a solo electronic project from Emma Winston (also of Owl & Mouse and Darren Hayman’s band). Expect synths, Game Boys and weird, wonderful and beautiful sounds, all topped with strong melodic vocals.

Gavin Osborn is a Bristol based singer-songwriter known also for his collaborations with Daniel Kitson. A wonderful storyteller who will make you laugh and cry within the same song.

From the North of Scotland by way of Wakefield, mi mye make lush, beautiful and lyrically intriguing music in a way that has seen them play a session for Marc Riley and be compared to the likes of King Creosote, Daniel Johnston and Smog.

Nyla played for us last year as part of the mighty Joyce Delaney but this time round you can expect smart, funny and more reflective storytelling in an anti-folk style.

Pete Green: words and music may be know to some as a member of The Sweet Nothings who played for us 3 years ago but is also an accomplished poet and solo artist. His most recent work has combined field recordings with his songs on subjects such as coastlines, sex, football, whisky and getting lost.


Weekender 17

¡Ay Carmela!, Joyce Delaney, The Pooches, Spinelli

1 Jul

Another great gig for you all. A Saturday night, 4 great pop bands and only a fiver. Treat yourself!

¡Ay, Carmela! is a three piece DIY indie / punk band based in Uxbridge and started by Colour Me Wenesday’s Carmela Pietrangelo. Inspired by 90s indie rock and punk, they sing about jobs, relationships, and social frustrations. Debut album on its way!

Joyce Delaney were only formed last year but have already become something of a force in Glasgow’s DIY scene. Noisy, poppy bubblegum punk who blew the roof off at our recent Weekender.

The Pooches make jangly pop music in the very finest Glasgow tradition. Purveyors of the finest pop tunes the city has to offer. This will be a slightly stripped back 2 person Pooches performance.

Spinelli are a lo-fi three piece who sing witty and heartfelt pop songs with a Scottish accent.


Indietracks Warm up 2016

6 Jun

Warm up for Indietracks with Pop!South favourites and the festival’s Friday headliners The Spook School along with Baltimore’s premier indiepop trio Expert Alterations, noisy pop from London’s Happy Accidents& Durham supergroup Pale Kids.

If you don’t know The Spook School by now then where the hell have you been? This will be their 6th show for us and we couldn’t be happier that they keep coming back.
The rest of you know the score. Catchy melodies. Pop songs that rock. Rock songs that pop. Bouncing. Lyrics that actually mean something to people. Sweaty hugs. The best album of 2015. The usual.

Surely the jangliest band ever to have come out of Baltimore, Expert Alterations make classic indiepop music which has been released by the likes of Slumberland Records.
The band (made up of Paul on drums, Alan (also of Wildhoney) on bass and Patrick on guitar) have played with the likes of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Crystal Stilts and share an ambition to be in The Fall.
For fans of The Pastels / The Wedding Present / good music.

I found the perfect description for Happy Accidents elsewhere so I decided just to steal it

“Happy Accidents are like the musical equivalent of a great lolloping dog – joyful, fun and utterly unignorable”.

Powerpop, punk-pop, noisy pop, tunes.

Durham has already kindly provided us with the likes of Pop!South favourites Martha & T-Shirt Weather and now they also give us Pale Kids. We don’t know what exactly’s going on down there but there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of insanely catchy punky pop songs.

Do it.


Life Model, Try The Pie + Two White Cranes

4 Apr

Here’s a great Monday night out for you – beautiful dream pop from localsLife Model and the magnificent touring combo of San Jose’s Try the Pie & Bristol’s Two White Cranes reach Glasgow.

Life Model ‘s Sophie was last seen gracing our stage as part of Milky Wimpshake but now returns as vocalist in Glaswegian showgazers Life Model. Dreamy and ethereal sounds, beautiful vocals and the tunes to make it all meld together perfectly.

Try the Pie – a solo effort spanning the length of almost ten years, drawing upon a Tongan-American and a Bay Area punk background, Bean pieces together ideas of impromptu harmony, poetic imagery, soft guitar melodies, dissonance and noise. These elements are used to create a sonic collage-work to provide a variety of vivid storytelling.

Two White Cranes is essentially Roxy (also of Joanna Gruesome & Grubs). It will only be a little over 3 months since she last played for us but if you were lucky enough to see that show then I’m sure you won’t mind seeing her back so soon. Purveyor of melodic, sparse and wonky folk pop and one of the very best albums of 2015 with ‘Radisson Blue’.


Wolf Girl

22 Feb
We’re very excited to have Wolf Girl making their “hairy scary garage pop“ for us on March 26th. GoldFlakePaint called their single ‘Deep Sea Diver’ “as melodious and utterly delectable as we’ve come to expect.” And if you don’t know what to expect, let me tell you, they are one the most fun bands around! They’re touring to promote ‘We Tried,’ released by quality tastemaker and national treasure Odd Box Records. 2014’s Mama’s Boy EP, released by Soft Power Records, was an instant classic, so no pressure to follow that up with another amazing sonic delight.

Breakfast MUFF  played our Weekender in February and we love them so much we’re having them back already. They make beautiful pop noises and skuzzy punk sounds, often at the same time.

In their own words: “We are a band from Glasgow. We like pizza and writing songs and dancing” This is all true.

In the words of Louder Than War:
“Featuring sometimes deceptively sweet, sometimes manically shrieked vocals and dirty screaming guitars, the band change instruments and lead vocals throughout their live sets. The sound is raw and exciting, no holds barred and sometimes gritty, without losing the ability to hold on to a melody.”
Come down early to avoid missing out on what Song, by Toad has called “bright and breezy retro-tinged garage guitar pop” and “zeitgeisty mix of Britpoppy and more rough and ready garage sound from the late sixties…” Unacompanied, Hillary van Scoy’s dry lyrics and crisp vocals shine. Make sure you get to see why she’s been a mainstay of live music in Glasgow for pure ages.
Wolf Girl