¡Ay Carmela!, Joyce Delaney, The Pooches, Spinelli

1 Jul

Another great gig for you all. A Saturday night, 4 great pop bands and only a fiver. Treat yourself!

¡Ay, Carmela! is a three piece DIY indie / punk band based in Uxbridge and started by Colour Me Wenesday’s Carmela Pietrangelo. Inspired by 90s indie rock and punk, they sing about jobs, relationships, and social frustrations. Debut album on its way!

Joyce Delaney were only formed last year but have already become something of a force in Glasgow’s DIY scene. Noisy, poppy bubblegum punk who blew the roof off at our recent Weekender.

The Pooches make jangly pop music in the very finest Glasgow tradition. Purveyors of the finest pop tunes the city has to offer. This will be a slightly stripped back 2 person Pooches performance.

Spinelli are a lo-fi three piece who sing witty and heartfelt pop songs with a Scottish accent.



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