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Indietracks Warm up 2016

6 Jun

Warm up for Indietracks with Pop!South favourites and the festival’s Friday headliners The Spook School along with Baltimore’s premier indiepop trio Expert Alterations, noisy pop from London’s Happy Accidents& Durham supergroup Pale Kids.

If you don’t know The Spook School by now then where the hell have you been? This will be their 6th show for us and we couldn’t be happier that they keep coming back.
The rest of you know the score. Catchy melodies. Pop songs that rock. Rock songs that pop. Bouncing. Lyrics that actually mean something to people. Sweaty hugs. The best album of 2015. The usual.

Surely the jangliest band ever to have come out of Baltimore, Expert Alterations make classic indiepop music which has been released by the likes of Slumberland Records.
The band (made up of Paul on drums, Alan (also of Wildhoney) on bass and Patrick on guitar) have played with the likes of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Crystal Stilts and share an ambition to be in The Fall.
For fans of The Pastels / The Wedding Present / good music.

I found the perfect description for Happy Accidents elsewhere so I decided just to steal it

“Happy Accidents are like the musical equivalent of a great lolloping dog – joyful, fun and utterly unignorable”.

Powerpop, punk-pop, noisy pop, tunes.

Durham has already kindly provided us with the likes of Pop!South favourites Martha & T-Shirt Weather and now they also give us Pale Kids. We don’t know what exactly’s going on down there but there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of insanely catchy punky pop songs.

Do it.