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Life Model, Try The Pie + Two White Cranes

4 Apr

Here’s a great Monday night out for you – beautiful dream pop from localsLife Model and the magnificent touring combo of San Jose’s Try the Pie & Bristol’s Two White Cranes reach Glasgow.

Life Model ‘s Sophie was last seen gracing our stage as part of Milky Wimpshake but now returns as vocalist in Glaswegian showgazers Life Model. Dreamy and ethereal sounds, beautiful vocals and the tunes to make it all meld together perfectly.

Try the Pie – a solo effort spanning the length of almost ten years, drawing upon a Tongan-American and a Bay Area punk background, Bean pieces together ideas of impromptu harmony, poetic imagery, soft guitar melodies, dissonance and noise. These elements are used to create a sonic collage-work to provide a variety of vivid storytelling.

Two White Cranes is essentially Roxy (also of Joanna Gruesome & Grubs). It will only be a little over 3 months since she last played for us but if you were lucky enough to see that show then I’m sure you won’t mind seeing her back so soon. Purveyor of melodic, sparse and wonky folk pop and one of the very best albums of 2015 with ‘Radisson Blue’.