Pop!South go East

2 Sep

But no less pop on September 27th! (Event page: facebook.com/events/288817887991225/)

We’re very excited that Cosines are coming to Scotland for the first time after we saw them dazzle their native London earlier in the year.

Let’s let some others do the talking:

“[Cosines] have found the magic formula that indie pop has been dreaming of – a winning combination of Pulp and Belle & Sebastian, seasoned with swathes of Stereolab” – The Quietus.

“a cool and mannered (but not overmannered) exploration of a musical world bordered by Stereolab, Blondie, Saint Etienne, Belle and Sebastian” – The Sunday Times

No more tiger haven’t been around the Glasgow scene for all that long but have already made a big splash with support from the likes of The BMX Bandits and an enthusiastic audience for their beautifully melodic pop.

We were proud to present the first ever gig for Citizen Bravo back at our alldayer in February and are delighted to finally have him back because, as it turns out, he was really very good!

Citizen Bravo is the one-man band project of Matt Brennan who honed his songwriting and performance skills with Zoey Van Goey and so alongside the great songs you’d expect there is a chance to marvel at his musical contraption!


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