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August Amazing!

10 Aug

We’ve got a couple crackers coming up in August, and we hope to see you there.

First up, everyone’s favourite miserablist party band The Just Joans wanted to play a gig with their good pals the Middle Ones, and how could we say no to that combo?! Anna and Grace are touring with Hallie and the Annies, who play lovely, discordant shimmer-pop. We’re very much looking forward to this intimate gig in a new location—upstairs from McNeill’s bar, tucked away just off Victoria Rd at Torrisdale St.

Just Joans poster_sm

Fittingly, the following Wednesday, we’ve got Colour Me Wednesday coming up from London. They asked if they could play with a couple of their favourite acts, and handily enough, they’re some of our favourites too! Local singer-songwriter Chrissy Barnacle and Dublin’s own Kate’s Party will fill your ears with sonic delights. This gig’s north of the river, at the Roxy 171.

Colour Me Wednesday-sm