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Thank You!

12 Feb

How good was that then?! We managed to be The Skinny’s top pick of the weekend, and everyone we spoke to had a terrific time. We’ve even been reviewed by the lovely Nina Glencross!

Thank you to Citizen Bravo, Bodyheat, The Yawns, The Sweet Nothings, Where We Lay Our Heads, Martha, TeenCanteen, The Spook School, The Just Joans, The Bobby McGee’s, The Strangers Almanac, David Leach, MJ Hibbett (& Steve!), A New International & Adam Ross ( Randolph’s Leap).

Thank you to Joe, Kim and everyone at the wonderful The Glad Cafe who make doing our bit that much easier.

Thanks to All The Rage for providing the tunes for dancing to afterwards on the Saturday and allowing folk to get drunker than they already were!

And thanks to all of you for coming and supporting the bands. We couldn’t have asked for a better audience!

Same time next year?!