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The Flatmates/The Spook School/Bite. at Glad Cafe

21 Oct

It’s been a wee while since we posted here, but if you pay attention to all things Last Year’s Girl, and you should really, then you’ll know we haven’t gone into hibernation or anything. We were, however, gearing up for the great gig we put on over the weekend.


With this bill, there was no way it was going to be anything less than good, but it ended up being closer to resplendent. Despite UnPop sabotaging The Flatmates’ frontwoman with more Buckfast than a wee Swede can take! The sheer energy of all the bands was impressive, certainly enough to banish the memory of the rain soaked trip to the venue with catchy riffs.


Bite. were up first. Chris Elkin and his guitar were front and center, a big change from his role in the Just Joans, and Chris seems to enjoy playing the part, with just enough lip curl and hip swagger to seem a natural rock frontman. It’s too bad more folk didn’t come out early to see them. Even the soundman was nodding his head along to the driving beat, and the Flatmates merch maven turned to me after the set to ask who they were. It’s always a good sign when the folk who have to listen to anonymous local support night after night perk up and take notice! Seriously, go and listen to ‘Rub It In‘. It’s worth your four minutes time. You might even thank me later.


The Spook School. What can I say about them? It seems wrong to wax rhapsodic about them without doing it in a hand-written letter, as their drummer, Niall, is so fond of doing. They just released their first LP with Fortuna Pop. As always, they put on a hell of a show. Now, normally, Niall’s mouth kinda runs away with the banter, but, impressively, he was silenced by Nye and Adam’s sister who was in attendance. I kinda wanted to shake the hand of the woman who scares Niall, but I was too intimidated. This didn’t *actually* hamper the mayhem much. Every time we see them, they seem to get better and better. I can only imagine what the future holds for them.



Headlining, of course, were the Flatmates. Back from the past with a mix of old and new tunes for the audience’s listening pleasure. Here’s them performing ‘I Could Be In Heaven / Tell Me Why’ from the gig.

Despite the awful Bucky hang-overs, everyone was in good spirits by the time they went on, and the show went off with only a couple of hitches. Given the amount of jumping about and cymbal crashing new frontwoman Lisa was doing, you would never know she was a bit green in the gills earlier in the evening. They were absolutely wonderful, and the crowd seemed to really enjoy the whole night.

Last, but far from least, we have to thank our DJing pals for providing between band choooons. All the Rage were up first, and Calvin, who does Broadcast Beach at Mono, provided the last set. Thanks again guys!