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The Middle Ones at Plan B Books

19 Aug


Our most intimate show yet was a lovely affair with a whole range of styles and sounds, from acoustic ukelele, to a five-piece playing gorgeous, layered songs with lots of infectious indie-pop in between.

Our hosts for the evening were Plan B Books. We roped their very own Nyla into opening for us, only hours after running her first, very successful, electric gig at the venue the evening before—a riotous affair with Harry and the Potters, Martha, Chrissy Barnacle, and The Pumpkin Pasties.


She soldiered through her exhaustion and played a fun and energetic set to the early birds. I just wish more folk heard her play! It’s definitely worth downloading her free EP ‘The Whole Point of this EP is to Make You Smile.’ Trust me.

I am glad that a few more folk were there to be won over by the beautiful tunes of Where We Lay Our Heads. They played with a slightly pared back sound, substituting a plinking, tinkling glockenspiel for a keyboard and using a drum box in order to fit everyone in. Slightly stripped back as they may have been, they still made the most beautiful pop music.


I know at least one person went straight upstairs after their set and purchased an EP, which is always a good sign! They’re getting a new EP together just now, and I, for one, can’t wait to hear it.

Meanwhile Frozy expanded their duo by enlisting some helping Middle Ones hands and voices throughout their set. Grace expertly turned a pelican case into a drum kit, while Anna added some extra vocals to the mix. I certainly recommend checking out their ‘Pulling Daisies’ LP and giving them some of your monies for some good choons.


The loveliest ladies in indiepop, The Middle Ones, closed out the evening. They made the loudest, stompingest music of the night, an impressive feat from two people! They too gained a number of new fans and I heard more than a few accolades outside after the gig.

Middle Ones

If you didn’t make it to this show, you missed an absolutely wonderful time and some fabulous acts. I hope you check them out online, because you won’t be disappointed.

Meanwhile you could always join us on Fri for another terrific show at Glad Cafe. Haiku Salut are headlining, and funnily enough, the Middle Ones will be opening for them in just a few weeks! Indiepop sure is a small world…


August is coming atcha

7 Aug

Hello fine pop friends! Hope you are all well and perhaps have enjoyed a gig or two since we last spoke. We over at Pop!South HQ sure have! There are two particularly good shows coming up this month that I would like to direct your attention to.

Firstly, we have:

The Middle Ones-web

The Middle Ones return to Glasgow after a much-too-long absence. Anna and Grace create unique anti-folk-inflected indie-pop with swooping vocal harmonies and every instrument they can find. Don’t miss them.

Frozy join The Middle Ones on this tour, bringing their fuzzy, scuzzy, infectious lo-fi indie-pop to the mix. This is just plain good fun, as you might expect from a band describing themselves as “a dream-pop slumber-party”

Our appreciation for Where We Lay Our Heads, like a good indie-pop love affair, started at a house-show. They played a very stripped back show that night but their gorgeous pop sensibilities shone. We are looking forward to a slightly noisier evening this time.

Plan B’s own Nyla will get us started with her Kimya Dawson-inspired anti-folk. Wielding her ukulele and one of the sharpest wits in Glasgow, and always wearing her heart on her sleeve, you can’t possibly listen to Nyla without smiling.

BYOB! And your pals! See you there!

Never content to rest on our laurels, we have another show the next week:

haiku salut-web

Haiku Salut just played Indietracks, will be opening the main stage at Green Man this year, were track of the day on Mojo, and will be supporting for Lau in just a few months. That’s a pretty good year for three Derbyshire lasses!

A New International were formerly The Starlets but are now making music they describe as the combination of street music, carnival, music hall, cabaret, chanson, circus, movies, gypsy, folk + pop.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Ally Kerr, an assured songwriter and fine performer, who has recently released his third album, Viva Melodia. Beautifully melodic, folk-tinged pop can be guaranteed!

Come down and say Hey!

If you want to know more about the bands, and maybe see a wee taster, I wrote a guest blog for Last Year’s Girl as well!

Pop!South #3

2 Aug

Making Marks from Norway had good banter

What a couple of weeks! Thank you again, again, and again to everyone who’s come out to our first three shows. We’ve had a blast and hope you have too! Nina, from Is This Music? wrote a lovely review of Gig #2, which gives us hope we’re doing things right.

This was our final Indietracks-themed gig, and as much as it was ambitious to put on 3 gigs in 10 days, it’s been so much fun and we’re sad to see them over.

The first band on this bill was Making Marks, formerly My Little Pony, from Norway. Although the bass player was born in Edinburgh, so there’s a local connection! They were lovely, and their frontman even tried to work some newly learned Scottish idioms into his banter. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone say ‘You cunts are awright’ so damn sweetly!



Next up were local favourites The Felt Tips, who haven’t played in Glasgow in years. It was great to see them back, and their new material is fresh and full of energy.


[UPDATE! StringBeanJen posted a video from the performance]

The Ballet are usually a three-piece, but visa issues prevented their bassist for coming with them, but Craig and Greg did an amazing job as a two-piece.

By now, the venue was pretty full, so I didn’t manage to get a good shot of them. Of course, I’d rather get bad shots and folks were enjoying themselves!


(nothing is in focus in this picture)


(So here’s Greg)


(And Craig)

John Graham has some much better shots of The Ballet, The Felt Tips and Making Marks over at his site. Give them a look!

I think the whole Pop!South team is now trying to recover from an amazing couple of weeks, but we’ll be back with some more great shows in August. Hopefully we’ll see you out soon!