Pop!South #1

22 Jul

On Saturday we put on our first ever gig as Pop!South, and we’re happy to report it went incredibly well. So well, in fact, we sold out of tickets before the first act was even half-way through their set!

sold out

Better than that, though, were all the folks who came up to a number of us throughout and after telling us how much they enjoyed it and all the bands.

One of my personal highlights was seeing folk who never heard of Arts & Leisure before start bobbing their heads and then breaking out into full blown dancing by the end of the set. Here they are sound-checking before door opened.


Yakuri Cable opened up, playing their infectious synth-pop. If you didn’t know it was their first gig, their presence and composure would never belie it.

Photo by Ailsa Watson

Photo by Ailsa Watson

Following them was Northern Spies. She channels stories about her life and adventures—playing Indietracks, her upcoming trip to America—into charming acoustic pop songs, which showcase her beautiful voice. I had no idea it was her second show under this moniker until she mentioned it half-way through. It was definitely a good night for newcomers! There’s even two videos from her set if you’re interested: Let’s Be Dignified and My Middle Names.


Gordon from Ballboy ended our magical first night, playing a solo acoustic set.

Thank you so much to all the bands, everyone who came out and everyone who helped out, either on the night or by helping us spread the word beforehand. We couldn’t have done this without you, and we’re looking forward to doing many more nights with you all. And special thanks to the friendly folk at the Glad Cafe. You made our first gig painless!


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