Hello friends!

16 Jul

Hi! We’re Pop!South, 8 pals who currently live, or have lived, in Glasgow’s south side who promote gigs together.

Our first three gigs are coming up in the next two weeks. We’re super excited and think they’re all fantastic! There’s an Indietracks theme running through this batch of gigs, with a number of the bands coming from various countries for the festival and playing our fair city before and after.

Our first one is this Saturday, July 20th, featuring an acoustic Ballboy set to headline. It’s also the first gig for a band featuring two of Pop!South’s own, Yakuri Cable. In between the first timers and familiar faces, we have our first Indietracks imports. Astrid Wiezell will play her melodic, acoustic pop under the name Northern Spies, followed by Arts & Leisure, from Sacramento, CA.

Just a few days later, on Tuesday the 23rd, we have gig #2 and Tunabunny from Athens, GA playing their lo-fi post-punk. Supporting them is the raucously fun Spook School from Edinburgh, and Woog Riots, a German/Italian duo who play ‘tweelectro’. There will also be a reading from The City Is Ablaze, a book about a DIY zine in Manchester and Leeds in the 80s and 90s, by its author Karren A. We’re going to have some zines and indie comics available at the show, and are hopeful that The Spook School will have a few of their “Get Lost” zines left by the time they make it back to Scotland. All the Rage will be DJing between sets too. This gig should be a ton of fun!

One week later is gig #3, headlined by NYC’s The Ballet. It’s been four years since this infectiously bright pop band played in Glasgow, although Glasgow’s own Felt Tips have only played their hometown slightly more recently, in 2010. Meanwhile, Oslo’s Making Marks have never played Glasgow!

If you want to read more about these bands and gigs, we did a guest post over at Last Year’s Girl, which has video and audio links to preview most of the acts.

Here’s the lovely poster for gigs, which hopefully you’ve seen around town

Pop-South July 13-web

Take a look at our Gigs! page for more info on upcoming gigs. You can also follow us on Twitter (@popsouth) and like us on Facebook. I’ve done a roundup of some of the things we’ve updated on Facebook below as well. We hope to see you out!


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