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Pop!South #2

24 Jul
Woog Riots

Woog Riots! get trippy

A huge thank you to everyone who came out last night. If you didn’t, you missed some amazing music and so much fun! The bands played energetic and enthusiastic sets, while All the Rage played lots of danceable indie-pop in between. (Be sure to head down to their next night at Blackfriars on August 10th!)

All The Rage

Detritus from a good gig

The Italian/German duo Woog Riots started the night playing fun ‘tweelectro’ music. It’s hard to describe exactly what they play, but I think their new album title, ‘From Lo-Fi to Disco’, captures it pretty well. One of our favourite numbers was ‘Backstage Lemonade‘ written for Kimya Dawson when she got flack for bringing her daughter on tour with her.

Woog riots 2

They wore flashing disco lights and passed around glasses that made everything rainbow-tinged, to get folk in the mood for a number about taking drugs. Here’s Liam from The Glad Cafe getting into the spirit of things.

Glad Liam

After their last song, they came down from the stage to demonstrate how their sample and synthesizer driven songs begin life—on a ukelele and singing saw! They played the last song again, unplugged. After such an interactive set, the crowd was primed for the riotous sets to follow.

Woog riots 3

But first there was a brief interlude as Karren A read from her book, The City is Ablaze, the history of her zine, Ablaze!, from the 80’s and 90’s. It’s a hefty book, filled with tons of wonderful interviews.

Karen A

Then Edinburgh’s own Spook School were up. Dressed in thermals that have been adorned with coloured tape, these four have an anarchic energy about them that got most of the crowd dancing and bobbing their heads.

Spook School

This is partly due to their effervescent drummer, Niall, who will attempt to give you a sweaty hug after the show.

Niall Hug

We are super excited to be putting them on again in support of the Flatmates this October. I was pretty amused by their song ‘Can You Ever Trust A Man Who Thinks Matt Damon’s Really Cool?‘, and not just because I hail from Boston, where Matt Damon bashing is a local past-time.

Finally, our headliners, Tunabunny, were amazing! They certainly tested the sound limit of the venue (sorry, Gav) with their raucous pop. One of the lead singers, Brigette, jumped off stage early on and started playing the old piano at the side of the bar. It was an utter treat being able to put them on.


Thanks again to everyone: the bands, All the Rage, the folk at Glad, and everyone who came down to see 11 folk make some noise on a steamy Tuesday night. (If you want to see a few more photos, click here.) Hope to see everyone next Tuesday for our last gig of the month!


Pop!South #1

22 Jul

On Saturday we put on our first ever gig as Pop!South, and we’re happy to report it went incredibly well. So well, in fact, we sold out of tickets before the first act was even half-way through their set!

sold out

Better than that, though, were all the folks who came up to a number of us throughout and after telling us how much they enjoyed it and all the bands.

One of my personal highlights was seeing folk who never heard of Arts & Leisure before start bobbing their heads and then breaking out into full blown dancing by the end of the set. Here they are sound-checking before door opened.


Yakuri Cable opened up, playing their infectious synth-pop. If you didn’t know it was their first gig, their presence and composure would never belie it.

Photo by Ailsa Watson

Photo by Ailsa Watson

Following them was Northern Spies. She channels stories about her life and adventures—playing Indietracks, her upcoming trip to America—into charming acoustic pop songs, which showcase her beautiful voice. I had no idea it was her second show under this moniker until she mentioned it half-way through. It was definitely a good night for newcomers! There’s even two videos from her set if you’re interested: Let’s Be Dignified and My Middle Names.


Gordon from Ballboy ended our magical first night, playing a solo acoustic set.

Thank you so much to all the bands, everyone who came out and everyone who helped out, either on the night or by helping us spread the word beforehand. We couldn’t have done this without you, and we’re looking forward to doing many more nights with you all. And special thanks to the friendly folk at the Glad Cafe. You made our first gig painless!

Hello friends!

16 Jul

Hi! We’re Pop!South, 8 pals who currently live, or have lived, in Glasgow’s south side who promote gigs together.

Our first three gigs are coming up in the next two weeks. We’re super excited and think they’re all fantastic! There’s an Indietracks theme running through this batch of gigs, with a number of the bands coming from various countries for the festival and playing our fair city before and after.

Our first one is this Saturday, July 20th, featuring an acoustic Ballboy set to headline. It’s also the first gig for a band featuring two of Pop!South’s own, Yakuri Cable. In between the first timers and familiar faces, we have our first Indietracks imports. Astrid Wiezell will play her melodic, acoustic pop under the name Northern Spies, followed by Arts & Leisure, from Sacramento, CA.

Just a few days later, on Tuesday the 23rd, we have gig #2 and Tunabunny from Athens, GA playing their lo-fi post-punk. Supporting them is the raucously fun Spook School from Edinburgh, and Woog Riots, a German/Italian duo who play ‘tweelectro’. There will also be a reading from The City Is Ablaze, a book about a DIY zine in Manchester and Leeds in the 80s and 90s, by its author Karren A. We’re going to have some zines and indie comics available at the show, and are hopeful that The Spook School will have a few of their “Get Lost” zines left by the time they make it back to Scotland. All the Rage will be DJing between sets too. This gig should be a ton of fun!

One week later is gig #3, headlined by NYC’s The Ballet. It’s been four years since this infectiously bright pop band played in Glasgow, although Glasgow’s own Felt Tips have only played their hometown slightly more recently, in 2010. Meanwhile, Oslo’s Making Marks have never played Glasgow!

If you want to read more about these bands and gigs, we did a guest post over at Last Year’s Girl, which has video and audio links to preview most of the acts.

Here’s the lovely poster for gigs, which hopefully you’ve seen around town

Pop-South July 13-web

Take a look at our Gigs! page for more info on upcoming gigs. You can also follow us on Twitter (@popsouth) and like us on Facebook. I’ve done a roundup of some of the things we’ve updated on Facebook below as well. We hope to see you out!

Gig #2 Preview Roundup

15 Jul


Back to previewing our July bands for you: here’s the new video from the great Woog Riots live! who will be joining The Spook School and Tunabunny on the 23rd.

If I’m reading their European tour itinerary correctly then they’re currently in Luxembourg, but on the 23rd of July The Spook School will be with us in Glasgow!

Tunabunny arrive from Athens, Georgia within the next few days to start their 13 date UK tour and are with us a week tomorrow on 23rd July. Here’s there recently debuted video for ‘Slackjawed’

Our pals who put on All the Rage every month at Blackfriars will be DJing between sets. You can see what they played last week over at their Facebook page.

There will also be a reading from The City Is Ablaze! The Story of A Post-Punk Popzine by it’s author, Karren A.

Gig #1 Preview Roundup

6 Jul


It’s July – so probably about time we started introducing you to the 10 bands we have coming up this month!

First on 20th July we have Yakuri Cable of whom Bloodbuzzed said “charming indiepop, with a slight synth-pop touch presiding their music, the overall feeling couldn’t be more promising. Keep an eye on them in 2013.”


Continuing our rundown of artists who will be playing with us this month, we bring you America by the very talented Northern Spies who will be with us on the 20th.


Arts & Leisure from Sacramento, California have just released this great video from their new album “Choose Your Adventure”


We’re so happy that we managed to get an acoustic set from ballboy to finish things off. I’m sure you barely need a reminder, but here’s a very brief one!